MC4 connectors

Presentation of MC4 connectors

MC4 connectors are single-contact electrical connectors commonly used to connect the elements in a solar installation. The acronym MC4 stands for Multi-Contact 4mm diameter connector.

The MC4 connectors serve to effortlessly and safely connect the solar panels to your solar inverter. They allow for a fast assembly, by simply matching the male and female connectors, and keep it secure since they require a tool to separate them.  MC4 connectors are waterproof and UV resistant. They are used by the majority of solar panels and solar inverters manufacturers.


The MC4 connectors supplied with your IMEON solar inverter are the original connectors and comply with TÜV, GOST-R, UL, CSA and CQC certifications.

The MC4 connector set consists of male and female components. One should note that due to construction of the plastic housing of the connectors, identification of male and female components is not necessarily straightforward.  For example, the male plug actually sits within a cylindrical shell which suggests a female type.

For optimum sealing, MC4 connectors require the use of a cable with a diameter corresponding to manufacturer recommendation. It is necessary to use a cable intended for solar installations which must have a dual insulation layer and specific treatment to resist UV rays. The MC4 connector is assembled using a dedicated crimping tool.

Use and security

MC4 connectors are rated for use under voltage up to 1500V which provides greater flexibility regarding the distance between your panels and your solar inverter. The current rating depends on the cable diameter and varies between 17 and 50A.

The MC4 connector uses the “MC Multilam Technology”, which relies on application of multiple spring loaded contact points used to decrease the resistance between the coupled elements which reduces the fire hazard.

Certification and insurance organizations strongly advise against combining MC4 connector from different manufacturers.

MC4 connectors are supplied with your solar inverter to assure a lasting, secure and stable connection.