Battery connector IMEON 3.6

The battery connector provided with your IMEON solar inverter is an SA120 type connector. SA120 are solar battery connectors are aimed for high power DC application. It can convey currents as high as 240A depending on the cable used for connecting a large capacity solar batteries park to improve your self-consumption.

The type SA120 battery connector is said hermaphrodite; there is no plug / socket as such which allows one to plug the connectors without worrying about how one connects with its counterpart.
The battery connectors SA120 are keyed to ensure a proper connection even in case of a reduced visibility. Their distinctive shape prevent from connecting your solar batteries to the battery plug without risk of making another link to another power source.

It allows one to use cables in the range of 5.3mm² to 42.4mm² which allows connecting high capacity solar batteries to improve your self-consumption.

The SA120 battery connector is secure. It’s made with dielectric compounds showing a 2200V AC resistance which guarantees a safe handling against possible electric shock. The spring that is used inside keeps the connection firm between the two contacts. It prevents the connection from slipping once the battery is connected.

The internal design of the battery connector allows you to stay away in a safe manner from arcs that may form while the separation of the solar battery park from your inverter actually takes place.

The connector can stand a disconnection while a 60A charge is occurring between the inverter and the inverter solar batteries. The use of a battery breaker is recommended to avoid premature aging.

The SA120 battery connector is made of fire-resistant plastic. This plastic is rated UL-94 at V-0, which means that the fire will cease within less than 10 seconds.