This application allows IMEON 9.12 to compensate the energy consumption of a home by taking into account the consumption of each phase separately (competing systems perform this compensation by injecting an average of the total consumption to each phase).

A standard three phase solar inverter injects one third of the total generated production on each phase symmetrically. Practical example, in the case of a solar generation of 9kW, a standard inverter will inject 3kW per phase without taking into account the consumption of the site.

When the UNBALANCED PHASES application is active, the IMEON will inject the amount of energy needed to supply the load on each phase, within the constraints of its power rating. Practical example, if a site consumes 2kW on phase 1, 3kW on phase 2 and 1kW on phase 3, IMEON will adjust the quantity of electricity injected per each phase to lock in these values.