Added value

Equipping your home with a photovoltaic self consumption system can generate added value when you sell a home, an industrial building or an office space.

Some reluctant property owners may think the contrary. In their view, they will not benefit from the initial investment if they sell the property, since effectively they decide to pay for a solar installation in the sole interest of the future owner. The opposite scenario is highly more likely! It is often easier and faster to sell a house equipped with a photovoltaic self consumption installation than a “classic” house. This is a good reason to equip a solar installation for self consumption!

Generally, the lifespan of solar panels is considered to be greater than 30 years. It is therefore a long term investment, which will allow the future owner, in the case of an installation dedicated to self consumption, to make significant savings on future electricity bills. This is a powerful advantage which must be highlighted to the potential buyer visiting the property you have put on sale!

On the other hand, an installation for photovoltaic self consumption with batteries can definitely convince potential buyers concerned about the environment and the future of their children. The awareness of the risks associated with the use of fossil fuels is intensifying, consuming and producing “sustainable” energy is increasingly in tune with the times and sways new people every day. Solar self consumption is clearly part of this process and can therefore bolster the interest of potential real estate buyers.

To sum up, if you think that you will sell your home in a few years, do not hesitate to equip it with a photovoltaic self consumption system! I’s a win-win for you and the new owner: you will sell your property more easily and the future buyer will benefit from significant savings on electricity bills.