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IMEON hybrid inverter is an intelligent solution for the management, use and coupling of several energy sources: public electricity distribution network (or generator), photovoltaic solar installation and a battery bank lithium (validated batteries only) or lead (OPZV, OPZS, gel, AGM …). IMEON ENERGY solutions optimize the overall efficiency of a self-consumption solar installation by choosing in real time the best way to use the electricity generated by the photovoltaic solar installation: direct supply of the electric panel of the equipped site, storage in a park batteries of excess production and / or injection of surplus energy to the grid (it is possible to program the IMEON hybrid inverter to prohibit the injection of electricity to the grid). In addition to the various energy sources supported, the IMEON hybrid inverter effectively manages the charges and discharges of the battery bank (lead and lithium) to optimize the overall efficiency of the solar installation and the rate of self – production. The IMEON hybrid inverter also optimizes the life of the batteries and thus generates a kWh of electricity at an optimized price and competitive with that available on the public electricity distribution network. The implementation of an artificial intelligence at the heart of the IMEON gives it the ability to store data, analyze it and understand the environment around it to enable it to adapt its behavior and evolve via a process called “Machine Learning”. The IMEON inverter is equipped with a Texas Instruments ARM Cortex processor. Your solar hybrid inverter IMEON is designed to follow the future technological evolutions (connected objects, smarthome, electric mobility …) since it has an internal storage capacity of 8GB allowing it to integrate future updates which contribute to the expansion of its capabilities. With its unique architecture and capabilities, IMEON Hybrid Inverter is ready to evolve. Choosing an IMEON inverter is banking on the future!