Technology and scalability

Choosing an IMEON hybrid inverter now is an investment in the future.

The IMEON solar hybrid inverter is a concentrate of technology and innovation protected by an international patent and marketed in more than 70 countries around the world.

Due to its innovative architecture, the IMEON hybrid inverter has the ability to evolve and to see its capabilities grow over time adapting to future technological and regulatory developments. The IMEON hybrid inverter incorporates a powerful processor allowing it to continuously integrate new algorithms in order to make energy management choices ever more relevant to objectives of the user.

Integrated within the OS. ONE app, the application library allows users of our hybrid inverters, to implement new features at the heart of IMEON: management of a new brand of battery, communication with connected devices, programming time slots for charging and discharging the batteries, management of a generator…

By acquiring an IMEON hybrid inverter now, the user chooses a scalable system that will always be at the forefront of technology for years to come.