Lithium Battery IMEON 48V50 Ah LV

Intelligent storage management

IMEON’s lithium batteries are optimised for storing the energy generated by a solar photovoltaic system. With a unit capacity of 50Ah, the lithium module can be parallelized up to 36 units to adapt to different installation sizes. IMEON batteries are guaranteed for up to 10 years and have a 6000 cycle life.


  • Battery life up to 6000 cycles
  • Parallelisation of up to 36 modules
  • Smart management
  • Continuous power, even during blackouts
  • Maximum security

Intelligent management

Coupled with Imeon hybrid inverters, battery life can be extended up to 100%. The on-board artificial intelligence allows for the continuous analysis of all parameters that affect the system and thus prolong its life.

From residential to industrial

Imeon lithium battery modules can be paralleled up to 36 modules without additional accessories to fit different sizes of photovoltaic installations.


IMEON batteries are specially designed for solar energy storage. Once connected to IMEON inverters, they benefit from the OS. ONE. operating system, which allows the complete system to be set up in an ultra-simplified manner. The installer can quickly change parameters such as solar energy usage priorities and the allowed depth of discharge of the battery. OS. One is accessible from a computer, tablet or smartphone via WiFi or Ethernet.


Technical specifications IMEON batteries


Module 48V50Ah – LV

  • Total energy

    2400 Wh

  • Capacity

    50 Ah

  • Nominal voltage


  • Voltage rangen

    45V – 54V

  • Rated charge/discharge current


  • Maximum charge/discharge current


  • Number of cycles at 80% discharge


  • Parallel operation

    up to 36 modules


  • Dimensions in mm (l x h x d))

    480 x 360 x 90 mm

  • Poids en Kg


  • Communication ports

    CAN, RS485

  • Type of cells

    LFP (iron and lithium phosphate) + BMS

  • Humidity

    5 – 85%

  • Operating temperature range


  • Storage temperature range


  • Alttitude

    < 4000 m

  • Certifications

    CE / IEC62619

  • Warranty*


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