Benefits of using imeon hybrid solar inverters


Equipping your home with a photovoltaic self consumption system can generate added value when you sell a home, an industrial building or an office space.



Some reluctant property owners may think the contrary. In their view, they will not benefit from the initial investment if they sell the property, since effectively they decide to pay for a solar installation in the sole interest of the future owner. The opposite scenario is highly more likely! It is often easier and faster to sell a house equipped with a photovoltaic self consumption installation than a “classic” house. This is a good reason to equip a solar installation for self consumption!

Generally, the lifespan of solar panels is considered to be greater than 30 years. It is therefore a long term investment, which will allow the future owner, in the case of an installation dedicated to self consumption, to make significant savings on future electricity bills. This is a powerful advantage which must be highlighted to the potential buyer visiting the property you have put on sale!

On the other hand, an installation for photovoltaic self consumption with batteries can definitely convince potential buyers concerned about the environment and the future of their children. The awareness of the risks associated with the use of fossil fuels is intensifying, consuming and producing “sustainable” energy is increasingly in tune with the times and sways new people every day. Solar self consumption is clearly part of this process and can therefore bolster the interest of potential real estate buyers.

To sum up, if you think that you will sell your home in a few years, do not hesitate to equip it with a photovoltaic self consumption system! I’s a win-win for you and the new owner: you will sell your property more easily and the future buyer will benefit from significant savings on electricity bills.


By acquiring an IMEON ENERGY solution for solar self-consumption, the user saves a lot of energy and proportionally reduces his electricity bill. Solar self-consumption is a sustainable way to guard against the announced increases in electricity costs for years to come. With a well-sized photovoltaic self-consumption solution, it is possible to reduce the electricity consumption of your home by 20% to 80% or more.

IMEON hybrid inverters for solar self-consumption adapt to the user’s budget. It is possible, at first, to equip your home with an IMEON 3.6 or 9.12 without batteries in order to limit the initial investment and to evolve the installation by adding a storage afterwards (you can use lead or lithium batteries). Note well that it is mandatory to use batteries for solar installations on isolated sites.

For grid-connected, self-consumption installations, if the user does not know exactly how much electricity is being consumed and it is therefore difficult to optimally scale the required battery capacity, it may be wise to start self-consumption without batteries. This is often the case for new constructions, for which it is difficult to predict the precise consumption profile. The installer will be able to set up a hybrid IMEON inverter without batteries and evaluate self-production rate after, for instance, one year of operation in order to scale the storage according to this parameter.

Adding batteries to the solar self-consumption system will not require any major changes. It will be enough to add a battery circuit breaker as well as the necessary fuses for the protection of the storage. Thanks to the modularity of its solutions, IMEON ENERGY allows the number of people to save energy.

The lifespan of solar modules is generally more than 30 years, investing in a photovoltaic system is therefore a choice that will allow the user to achieve energy savings over the long term.


At present, global warming is an important issue. In our interest and that of future generations, it is urgent to react and find solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, largely responsible for climate change.

Around the globe, power production based on fossil fuels generates a significant part of greenhouse gas emissions. One of the solutions to reduce these emissions is to focus on carbon free renewable energies and more particularly on solar energy to produce the electricity we all need.

We can all act in this way by equipping our homes with individual solar installations for self-consumption in order to become self-producers of clean electricity, not generating CO2: living in an autonomous house in terms of electricity is a first step towards energy independence.

In addition to the clean and ecological aspect of electricity production using solar energy, photovoltaic self-consumption installation enables homeowners to reduce their dependence on conventional electricity suppliers and to clearly indicate their willingness to consume energy in a sustainable and responsible way.

Making your house energy self-sufficient is part of an approach identical to cultivating your garden, cutting wood to heat your home or collecting rainwater to water your garden.

Contrary to popular belief, making your home autonomous in terms of electricity is now possible by using self-consumption solar batteries.

For several years, the prices of components required for this type of installation have been steadily declining. The result is simple: today, the electricity generated by a solar self-consumption installation is competitive, in terms of price, with that sold by the electricity suppliers.

Do not wait any longer! Make your home autonomous by choosing IMEON ENERGY solutions.


Thanks to its innovative architecture the IMEON inverter is capable of providing a backup power for essential loads. The IMEON hybrid inverter is a smart solar inverter that can be connected to the public electricity grid and manages a photovoltaic system and a battery bank. This battery bank coupled with IMEON inverter can provide backup power.

In some countries or geographic areas, the infrastructure responsible for the distribution of electricity is fragile and generates significant voltage and frequency fluctuations, leading to frequent power cuts. One of the advantages of IMEON hybrid inverters is the ability to provide a backup mode during these power outages. IMEON solar inverters are equipped with a dedicated output, called “Backup AC Output” which is fed with electricity coming from solar installation and batteries when the public electricity network fails. The installer must only connect the essential electrical appliances to this outlet to secure uninterrupted supply of power. Attention, it is important to make sure that the combined power required for all devices connected to this output does not exceed the power rating of the inverter.

There are two preprogrammed modes that include back-up functionality:

  1. The Smart-Grid mode, comes with 2 thresholds of battery discharge which are configurable, namely maximum depth of discharge when the grid is present and maximum depth of discharge when the grid is down. It is important to define two different thresholds to assure that a certain amount of energy stored in the batteries is available for backup.
  2. In Backup mode, when the network is functional the batteries are kept permanently charged. Battery discharge is only allowed when a power outage occurs. This mode allows you to dedicate the full capacity of the battery for backup power supply during network interruptions.

In both modes, the switchover time is 13ms, there is therefore no micro-power cut during the short transition period.


Thoroughly confident of the quality of IMEON hybrid inverters, IMEON ENERGY offers a guarantee of up to 20 years! It is the result rigorous design principles as well as end-to-end manufacturing quality oversight.

IMEON hybrid inverters are warranted for 10 years if your IMEON is connected to the Internet (the Internet connection must be operational at least 95% of the operating time). An optional extension for your solar inverters can be procured to prolong the 10 year warranty period up to 20 years!

If your hybrid inverter is not connected to the internet the warranty of 5 years applies.

For the user, the IMEON guarantee is the assurance of the peace of mind.