A PV inverter is one of the most important part in a photovoltaic system. It is used to change the DC power produced by solar panels to an AC power which is suitable for the appliances. Besides that, the new generation of inverters, called hybrid inverters or smart solar inverters, has the ability to manage energy coming from the grid, the solar, the battery or a generator. IMEON solar inverter, because of the unparalleled innovation it has brought to the table, is a strong candidate for the the title of the best solar inverter of 2020. Here’s why.IMEON inverters

IMEON solar inverters are able to meet user requirements of residential, commercial and small-industrial users. IMEON 3.6 is a 3kW single phase solar hybrid unit while IMEON 9.12 is a 9kW three-phase device, which operates in a similar fashion as its smaller brother. Both can be used standalone or in Multistack configuration, with multiple units of the same time managed by a common metering device, to offset common loads. Thanks to Multistack technology, the two Imeon devices can be considered for installations requiring from 3 to 144kW of rated inverter output power.

The Imeon hybrid inverter intelligently manages the solar system by initially directing the generated solar power to the loads. Only the excess power is used to charge the batteries. Battery discharging only takes place during time of high consumption and during time of limited solar production (or night time), resulting in improved overall efficiency of the system and extended battery life. In this way, the self-consumption of solar energy is optimized.

Thanks to its innovative phase-coupling technology, IMEON inverter can instantaneously provide backup power. The IMEON hybrid inverter is a smart solar inverter that can be connected to power grid and to a battery bank. With its UPS function, it instantly secures the power supply for essential loads. It only takes 13ms to switch between the grid-tie and backup mode, therefore there is no power outage during the short transition.

IMEON inverters are capable of being operated in various modes (smart grid, back up, off-grid and on-grid) to fit various requirements of their owners. It is also an all-in-one inverter meaning that there is no longer a need for separate components such as charge controllers or added inverters. IMEON pv inverters are equipped with MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) solar charge controller.

You want more? With a modern Texas Instruments ARM Cortex processor integrated in each unit and running the world’s firth Operating System for solar inverters called OS. ONE, the IMEON solar inverter is designed to progress and adapt to future technologies like connected devices, home automation, electric vehicles, etc. It gets much more interesting than this though, since thanks to its embedded Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), IMEON inverter is able, with a real awareness, to adapt its configuration and operation to its environment through a process called “machine learning”. We’re positive that implementation of AI in a context of renewable energy is something that gives IMEON an edge over the competition, truly making it the best inverter 2020.

Think about it in this way, the inverter records the energy consumption patterns as well as solar energy production statistics. Together with the weather forecast data, IMEON can make an educated prediction concerning how your next day would look like. In function of the prediction, the artificial intelligence may change the operation of the inverter to best suit your requirements. It may decide whether it is worthwhile to use the battery, and if it is – to which extend, which portion of its capacity should be used. IMEON is also capable of remote control of appliances, via internal or external relays, so the AI may decide on the best time to, for instance, start your laundry. It does not end there because IMEON is equipped with 8 GB storage capacity, foreseen as space where the future applications developed by Imeon Energy’s software team in months and years to come will be stored.

Our inverters come with built-in communication ports, Wi-Fi and a web server to communicate with other objects without the necessity of a connection to the Internet. This means that the inverter function as a member of a local Internet of Things (IoT), which is a system of interconnected devices which exchange various information between each other. Already now, as a standard, IMEON inverters come packaged together with energy metering device called a Smart Meter as well as CAN interface foreseen for communication with a lithium battery. A built-in relay can be used to switch a diesel generator on and off while WiFi can be used to control lights. Imeon is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa which can be used to request the performance statistics without the need of going through a monitoring portal. There are endless possibilities of future development directions as the number of devices joining the IoT environment continues to grow.

IMEON Energy continues to develop new applications which contribute to already impressive list of features which our candidate for the best solar inverter 2020 already supports. IMEON is an only device which comes together with all its accessories available in the package and with a growing number of free of charge software features which do not require purchase of supplementary devices. The inverter can be used in multiple scenarios involving (or not) to many different storage options, weather you are looking for emergency power supply, a way to make dramatic savings on your electricity bill or a device which will make your home energy-autonomous. This, in our opinion, is what the best solar inverter 2020 should do.