I have an impression that the batteries are not discharging.

If the batteries connected to the IMEON do not discharge, ask your installer to check the following:

  • Are the batteries well detected by the IMEON?
  • Is the battery bank in good condition, with a terminal voltage greater than 40Vdc?
  • Does the battery icon on the inverter’s LCD display blink? If this is the case, it means that the batteries have been discharged completely and are now in a charging phase. To discharge again, the batteries must, at first, reach the redischarge threshold (battery full).
  • Is the “allow battery discharge only at night” option enabled in IMEON OS. ONE? If yes and if you find that the battery does not discharge during the day, you should disable this option.

If the batteries are detected by the IMEON, they have the correct voltage, the battery is not flashing on the IMEON screen and the night-only discharge option is not activated, ask your installer to contact IMEON ENERGY technical support.