Which size of solar batteries should I choose?

It is mandatory that the sizing of the battery bank is done by an experienced professional since it must be calculated on a case by case basis, depending on the objectives of the user (duration of autonomy, savings to be made, etc.) and the configuration of the site to be equipped (site isolated or connected to the public electricity distribution network). It is essential to take into account the specifications of the batteries (such as the charging and discharging currents that they can withstand). This information is provided by the battery manufacturer. The solar electricity generated by the installation must be sufficient to supply the loads and to recharge the battery bank completely and regularly (an undercharged battery bank can deteriorate rapidly).

For lead-acid batteries, it is generally recommended by the manufacturers that the charging current is between 10% and 20% of the capacity of the battery bank and that the discharge current does not exceed 20% of the capacity. Note that, extreme currents can damage the battery bank.

The lithium batteries compatible with IMEON,  communicate with the inverter over a CAN protocol. The communication allows the battery to send instructions concerning the charging and discharging currents the inverter must comply with.