My inverter looses it’s IMEON WiFi connection.

In the event that your solar inverter loses its IMEON WiFi connection to the internet router, ask your installer to check the following:

  • is the quality of the WiFi signal received by the IMEON higher than 50% of the optimal value? If this is not the case, make an attempt to improve the signal quality (bring the router closer to the IMEON, move the obstacles between the router and the IMEON, change the antenna of the router if possible…).
  • Is the IMEON inverter’s software up to date? If it does not, update your IMEON Inverter.

Note: The IMEON may temporarily lose its WiFi connection. In this case, it automatically performs a first reconnection attempt after 10 minutes and then a second attempt after two hours. If the problem persists, check the points above.

If the problem is not solved after performing the suggested operations, ask your installer to contact IMEON ENERGY Technical Support.