three phase hybrid solar inverter IMEON 9.12

IMEON 9.12

The three phase hybrid solar inverter IMEON 9.12 is dedicated to three-phase photovoltaic systems for self-production with storage. This solar hybrid inverter with a power of 9kW perfectly suits with residential, collective dwellings and small scale tertiary, industrial. It works in all configurations: Smart-Grid / Off-Grid / Back-Up / On Grid.

Photovoltaic power from 4 to 12 kWp

Storage capacity from 5 to 100 kWh

Integrated WiFi and Web server.

Lithium-Ion batteries compatibility.

Warranty up to 20 years


Buying an IMEON is a way to anticipate the future. With an embedded artificial intelligence,
IMEON will evolve with the tools of tomorrow. No more obsolescence!

Thanks to its Artificial Intelligence implanted in the heart of a 32-bit Texas Instruments ARM Cortex processor with 8 GB of storage, IMEON has unmatched capabilities!

The integrated WiFi means local or remote control of the IMEON through overhauled monitoring interface.

IMEON has the ability to integrate new technical developments and regulatory changes thanks to its new architecture and specialized applications.

A flexible architecture to allow a wide range of storage capacities ranging from 2KWh to 15KWh per IMEON.

Self-consumption, back-up, isolated site, grid connected site, Virtual Power Plant…IMEON is the solution ready to function in all scenarios.

IMEON instantly secures the power supply of your essential devices (lighting, WiFi, freezer, water heater…).


Imeon 3.6 is associated with a range of accessories and a reliable and secure connection to simplify the installation. Robust and practical, these accessories contribute to the high quality of our inverters

Download your favourite apps!

Imeon Energy is constantly developing applications to help you get the most of your energy manager’s capabilities.

Some applications will be particularly appreciated for residential installations in order to optimize the initial investment. These applications will allow your IMEON to integrate the latest technologies.

With IMEON, you will be astonished and impressed by the possibilities of your inverter!