Imeon Energy launches a new Smart Grid inverter: IMEON 9.12.

Imeon Energy officially launches a new Smart Grid inverter for self-consumption applications with storage: IMEON 9.12.

This new 3-phase 9kW model will be available in June 2015 and will allow the Company to enter the tertiary and small industrial market. It works in all configurations: Smart Grid / Off-grid / On-grid / back-up.

Thanks to an intelligent energy management, IMEON is 30% more efficient than traditional technologies available on the market. IMEON 9.12 optimizes efficiency by choosing the best mode of use: direct consumption, storing the surplus of production, drawing from the grid, or injecting the solar surplus to the grid. In addition, IMEON’s innovative Smart Grid function allows to lower the storage capacity, reduce battery cycling, as well as further prolonging the battery life. After IMEON 3.6 (3kW single-phase), IMEON 9.12 therefore expand the range of inverters and opens new markets for the company.