IMEON ENERGY wins a contract of 1,5 MW in self-consumption in French islands

IMEON ENERGY wins a contract of 1,5 MW in French islands

IMEON ENERGY, manufacturers of self-consumption smart inverters, signed a contract with its distributor partner, Technideal, for the supply of 1.5MW of smart-grid solar inverters for residential applications. The French IMEON distributor, Technideal, integrates the IMEON self-consumption solutions in a “Plug&Play” cabinet that also include electronic protections and lithium batteries of 5kW capacity. This integrated solution is destined for the specific needs of the French overseas Departments and Territories (DOM/TOM) in the Indian Ocean. The issues related to the high production cost of electricity in these islands as well as the pollution caused by thermal power plants, led IMEON ENERGY to propose an environmentally friendly alternative.

The IMEON self-consumption solution, in the heart of a residence or an entire district, is a micro-grid network that pools different sources of energy and storage systems, to cover the solar production fluctuation by providing storage systems in every residence for a smoother solar energy supply. The batteries are charged by the IMEON inverters with the surplus of solar production (midday peak shaving), and are discharged in the evening during the peak of grid consumption (grid support).

This technology improves the grid stability while also automatically correcting the tension – frequency variation, thus allowing an optimal integration of solar power to existing infrastructures. Homes equipped with IMEON’s solar self-consumption systems are nearly autonomous in energy, drastically lowering their electricity bill as well as their environmental carbon footprint. The user-friendly inverter displays real time data on the installation, keeping the homeowners aware at all times of their system’s efficiency. The mobile monitoring application “IMEON Manager” allows them to follow the installation’s data at a distance as well as modifying key functional preferences.

IMEON ENERGY is currently negotiating more contracts of 1MW in different French islands in the Atlantic Ocean.