X-TREM ESS for self-consumption in the service sector and industry

IMEON announces the release of a solution for self-consumption in the tertiary sector and industry: X-TREM ESS

This new range of products, developed by IMEON ENERGY in Brest, France, is designed for solar self-consumption installations in industry and the service sector. X-Trem ESS is suitable for installations up to MW in power and MWh in stored energy.

X-TREM ESS is an all-in-one system integrating power electronics (MPPT, PCS), energy storage (lithium batteries) and an energy management system (EMS). The solution is designed to be installed outdoors and is delivered assembled and ready to connect in order to limit the intervention of the teams in charge of the installation on site.

All components of the X-TREM ESS solution are integrated into a climate-controlled enclosure to allow for implementation in extreme weather conditions while ensuring optimal component life. X-TREM ESS also incorporates the OS.ONE operating system, using artificial intelligence algorithms to optimise the lifetime of the energy storage.

X-TREM ESS has a Back-Up function and also works for the electrification of isolated sites (with or without a generator).

Some advantages of the X-TREM ESS solution:

  • Up to 10 years warranty on the complete solution
  • Paralleling up to MW is possible
  • Ultra-simplified installation
  • Robust and weather resistant





IMEON ENERGY has been active in the field of power electronics and energy conversion since 2013. The company develops smart solutions dedicated to photovoltaic installations for self-consumption with storage. IMEON solar hybrid inverters are available in more than 70 countries through a network of nearly 40 distributors.