IMEON hybrid inverter

IMEON hybrid solar inverter for self-consumption is the heart of your photovoltaic system.

The IMEON Smart-Grid inverter allows you to become energy self-sufficient and makes power cuts a distant memory.

All in one!
A self-consumption photovoltaic installation aims to meet, partially or fully, the energy consumption needs of…
More independent
Thanks to their open architecture, the IMEON hybrid inverters for self-consumption give users and installers…
More secure
IMEON is probably the most secure Photovolataic inverter on the market. IMEON informs the user…
More adaptable
Unlike vast majority of the inverters on the market, the IMEON photovoltaic inverter is a…
More flexible
The IMEON photovoltaic inverter is the most flexible on the market: self-consumption, back-up, isolated site,…
More connected
IMEON hybrid inverter has all the characteristics of a connected device, giving you the ability…

Smart inverter ALL IN ONE

The IMEON smart inverter replaces MPPT solar chargers, bi-directional inverters, On Grid and Off Grid inverters while encasing a powerful next-generation processor all in one housing.

Our hybrid solar inverters

Our hybrid solar inverters range is an essence of technology and innovation.

You will quickly understand that IMEON is much more than an inverter.

Supervise your solar installation

As a standard, the Imeon solar hybrid inverters are equipped with a Webserver, allowing direct wired as well as wireless connection with the inverter for a real-time oversight of your solar installation’s performance. The inverter can be connected to the Internet, allowing you to track your installation online, using IMEON Monitoring platform.

The only evolutionary inverter on the market!

The artificial intelligence integrated into your IMEON allows it to evolve according to current and future technological developments: new batteries, connected objects, electric mobility … Imeon Energy is constantly developing new applications to help you make the most of the capabilities of your energy manager.

TIME LINE EVENTS – history of the events
TIME LINE EVENTS is an application that allows users to see a history of the…
WATER HEATER – pilotage chauffe-eau
WATER HEATER application makes it possible to improve the rates of self-consumption and self-production of…
UNBALANCED PHASES – Adjust the injection per phase
UNBALANCED PHASES is an application that allows the three phase IMEON 9.12 to adjust the…
GS YUASA Battery
GS YUASA Battery application allows the communication and the operation of IMEON solar hybrid inverters…
Imeon app DRED
DRED – Meet the DRM 0 standard
With the DRED application, IMEON meets the DRM 0 standard of network disconnection. DRM is…
Imeon app weather coupling
Weather Coupling – estimate your future solar production
Thanks to the Weather Coupling application, IMEON will collect the weather forecast data on the…
Imeon app Philips hue
PHILIPS HUE – communicate with the PHILIPS HUE wireless lamp
The application allows the IMEON solar inverter to communicate with the PHILIPS HUE wireless lamp…
MONEY SAVING – Calculate the savings achieved
MONEY SAVING is an application that allows the user to calculate the savings achieved through…
Imeon app consumer identification
Consumer Identification – Electrical signature of consumer devices
Consumer Identification is an application that interpolates between the measured power consumption and a given…
BYD BBOX LV Battery application allows the communication and operation of our photovoltaic hybrid inverters…
Imeon app grid export control
GRID EXPORT CONTROL is an application that allows the IMEON solar inverter to limit the…
CO2 SAVING – Calculate the reduction of CO2 emissions achieved
CO2 SAVING is an application that allows the user to calculate the reduction of CO2…

Install your own IMEON

IMEON is the simplest and fastest solar hybrid inverter for self-production to implement.

  • installation facile onduleur imeonAttach your IMEON to the wall with its dedicated support..
  • demarrage rapide onduleur imeonConnect the AC grid and the smart meter
    Connect the PV
    Connect the battery
  • autoconsommateur solaireYou are now self-producer and self-consumer of photovoltaic electricity! !

IMEON Smart-Grid Inverter

A concentrate of innovations for self-production and self-consumption.

All In One

The IMEON smart inverter replaces MPPT solar chargers, bi-directional inverters, On Grid and Off Grid inverters while encasing a powerful next-generation processor all in one housing. The IMEON hybrid inverter facilitates the work of installers while optimizing the cost of solar kWh.

Maximum performance

Thanks to its innovative architecture, IMEON increases the efficiency of solar systems with storage, thus reducing the price of generated solar electricity by up to 30%.

Battery optimization

Thanks to intelligent management of different energy sources (Smart Grid), the IMEON hybrid solar inverter may even double the lifetime of solar batteries by engaging them much less than the regular systems available on the market.

Embedded artificial intelligence

IMEON inverters incorporate a powerful ARM Cortex Texas Instrument processor designed to progress and adapt to future technological developments thanks to its Artificial Intelligence. Our connected technology makes it possible to implement new features allowing IMEON inverters to adapt to their environment and to keep up with the latest technologies (connected objects, smart home, electric mobility…).

Where can I find an IMEON reseller?

IMEON Hybrid Solar Inverters are procurable through a network of more than 50 distributors worldwide, covering nearly 70 countries. These partners are selected for their competence and capacity to provide you with an outstanding service.

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