Imeon app weather coupling

Weather Coupling – estimate your future solar production

Thanks to the Weather Coupling application, IMEON will collect the weather forecast data on the Internet to be able to estimate your future solar production with about 90% accuracy.

On this page you will discover the weather forecast, hour by hour, for the next 24h with the expected temperature and sky evolution. The first estimation is conducted at 1 am, after that, the estimation will be updated whenever an update on the weather forecast occurs (every 6 hours typically).

Thus, on the screen, under the weather data forecast, the first board will display the estimated hourly production for the next 12 hours along with the historical profile of your solar installation and the actual hourly production.

And the result is amazing! The second board displays the prediction accuracy and it can reach up to 98 %!

A mandatory application that will help users to anticipate and optimize their daily consumption and thus earn money.