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This application allows the use of a single-phase Imeon with a three-phase Smart Meter in a three-phase installation.

The application is foreseen for single phase Imeon inverters and is among the OS. ONE system applications which run in the background and do not require any input from the installer or the user. This application is activated automatically when single phase inverter is connected to a three-phase smart meter.

By default, the single-phase inverters come packaged with single phase smart meters with the goal of measuring and compensating the energy consumption of the phase they are both coupled to. Many households are now days supplied with a three-phase electricity as well as energy meters which measure total energy consumption of the house, without taking into account the consumption on each phase separately. Thanks to MonoOnTri application, the single phase Imeon smart hybrid inverter can now measure the total consumption detected across the three phases and compensate it by injecting appropriate amount of energy to a phase it is connected to.

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