Virtual Power Plant – Remote management of Smart Grid Inverters cluster

VPP (Virtual Power Plant) is an application that allows remote management of a cluster of IMEON Smart Grid Inverters.

VPP (or Virtual Power Plant) is intended mainly for aggregators wishing to simultaneously control multiple hybrid IMEON inverters in order offer services specific to electricity grid, employable through decentralized solar systems with storage.

The examples of such services:

Peak Shaving: Charge the batteries via the network when the demand for electricity is low to discharge them to the grid when demand is high.

Load Shifting: The operation is the same as for the Peak Shaving but the goal is financial. Charge and discharge cycle is driven by the difference in price per kWh between off-peak hours and peak hours.

Demand Response: allows to reduce the demand for grid electricity during peak hours by switching a building’s power supply to the batteries at this time.

Frequency Regulation: Regulating the frequency of the network by charging the batteries and discharging them to the grid at the right time.

When the VPP application is active, it is possible to send remote commands to IMEON inverter or to a cluster of several IMEONs, via a specific communication protocol.