Unlike other solutions available on the market, IMEON’s X-Trem ESS is a evolutionary solution. X-Trem ESS is managed by a built-in computer running a custom Operating System, called OS. ONE, designed to be continuously updated and improved. The computer’s large memory allows it to download and install new applications which become available via the App Module Manager of IMEON OS. ONE operating system. These applications will be able to evolve the operation of your solar self-consumption system to enable it to adapt to the latest technological developments (electric vehicles, Smart Home, IoT…) and regulatory changes which may occur in the future.

With embedded artificial intelligence, your X-Trem ESS storage system has the ability to analyse data and adjust its behaviour, to continuously improve the overall performance of your solar self-consumption system. By equipping yourself today with an IMEON X-Trem ESS solution, you are investing in the future.